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Web pages made by Jochen Topf

www.remote.org/jochen This is my homepage (you're just reading it...) for all sorts of personal (and professional) things. I have an extra web page that explains some of the background. I had this web page for a long time and it slowly grows and morphs itself as web technologies and my interests change.
www.jtic.de After I had only one home page for a long time, I have separated out my "professional" side: My Jochen Topf Internet Consulting web page contains information about my work, some projects, etc.
www.openstreetmap.info The web page about the German language book "OpenStreetMap: Die freie Weltkarte nutzen und mitgestalten" ("OpenStreetMap: Using and improving the free world map") that I wrote together with Frederik Ramm.
blog.hallwaytrack.org In the last years I have organized several conferences and similar events and I have been to many more. I have been to conferences as a normal attendee, as a speaker and as a reporter. And I have done the behind the scenes work in many roles from programm committee member to head organizer, some of it as a hobby and some of it as paid work. In this blog, I want to share the experience I have gained and help others who are planning to create their own events.
www.AllThingsEmail.org The name says it all: All Things Email is a collection of all things on the topic of e-mail. The web site is mostly intended for system administrators, developers or other people involved with e-mail professionally.
www.remote.org remote.org is a domain shared between several friends and our "home in cyberspace".
www.guug.de/lokal/karlsruhe/ Web site for the sage@guug group in Karlsruhe, Germany. sage@guug Karlsruhe is a local chapter of the German Unix User Group for system administrators and similar professions. I used to organize the bimonthly meetings.
www.guug.de The homepage of the German Unix User Group which I created while I worked for them. Concept, design and most of the content (before summer 2003) is from me. The site uses the Embperl toolkit, XSLT, and a PostgreSQL database to create the dynamic content and CSS for most of the layout stuff.
http://www.linux-kongress.org/2002/ The web pages of the Linux-Kongress, a Linux developer conference organized by the German Unix User Group. In 2002 I was responsible for the conference organisation and did the web page redesign, most of the 2002 content was also done by me. The site uses the Embperl toolkit and CSS.
www.inka.de INKA is a small non-profit ISP in Karlsruhe, Germany. I was a founding member in 1994 and worked on and off for INKA for several years. Although I haven't been doing much for them in the last years, the concept and some of the content you see on the web page are still from me. The site was done before the advent of XHTML and CSS and still uses old-fashioned hand-crafted HTML and the help of my HyTeC tool.
www.topf.org Web site for my family. Most pages are password protected.
abi90.topf.org Web pages for the Abiturjahrgang 1990 of the Friedrich-Gymnasium, Freiburg (for everybody who graduated with me from my high school in 1990). You need a password to enter this site.