LaCinema Mini HD Connect


      Name                            Size  Description

[TXT] bootlog_2.04.txt 45k bootlog from UART0 at fw 2.04 [TXT] config_2.04.txt 30k /proc/config.gz of the device at fw 2.04 [TXT] cpuinfo.txt 1k /proc/cpuinfo [TXT] cramfs-01-blocksize.patch 8k cramfs: change blocksize with -b [TXT] cramfs-02-sigma_signature.patch 4k cramfs: append sigma_v2 signature with -g [   ] ctorrent 228k MIPS32/LSB executable to fetch torrents [TXT] differences.html 2k [TXT] dmesg_2.04.txt 14k dmesg of the device at fw-level 2.04 [TXT] env_2.04.txt 1k process environment of the device at fw 2> [TXT] 1k scripts packing and unpacking the firmware [DIR] images/ - pics or it didn't happen [   ] init_2.04 4k /init from firmware 2.04 [TXT] interrupts.txt 1k /proc/interrupts [TXT] netstat.txt 20k netstat -natp [TXT] recovery.html 18k firmware recovery when it is bricked [TXT] setxenv.txt 8k YAMON> setxenv [TXT] shutdownlog_2.04.txt 14k shutdownlog from UART0 at fw 2.04 [TXT] stripping.html 4k stripping the case [   ] utelnetd 15k MIPS32/LSB executable to gain access [TXT] yamon_help.txt 5k YAMON commands

The Firmware

device-files, the flash

sigmblockabootloader plus rest of the flash
sigmblockbfull of 0xff
sigmblockevmlinux_xload.zbf, byte by byte the same as sigmblockd
sigmblockfimaterial, with itask_loader.iload itask_splashscreen.iload splash_picture.sdd
sigmblockgxmaterial, with ios.bin.gz_8644_ES1_dev_0006.xload and xtask_loader.xload
sigmblockhLinux Compressed ROM File System data, mounted as / with "okok" at the end
sigmblockifull of 0xff, except for the last 4 bytes, that are 0x20
/sbin/config_tool uses them. I think, that is were /conf/config goes at night.
sigmblocklMinix filesystem, contains one file /config

mtdblock0 -> sigmblocka
mtdblock2 -> sigmblockd
mtdblock3 -> sigmblockg
mtdblock_bootloader -> sigmblocka
mtdblock_kernel -> sigmblockd
mtdblock_romfs -> sigmblockh




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Unpacking/Repacking the firmware


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