Differences between MiniHD and other Sigma 865x media players

Tuxera NTFS driver 3010.3.18

There is the commercial kernel module tntfs.ko included in the firmware of the LaCinema MiniHD. So the MiniHD accesses ntfs-filesystems read/writeable without the userspace ntfs-3g. Our little device use less cpu-load when writing files on ntfs and throughput should also be better than on other Sigma 865x media players.

Paragon ufsd driver version 7.04

There is the commercial kernel module ufsd.ko included in the firmware of the WDTV Live. That includes read/write support for NTFS and Hfs+/HfsX without userspace support. The LaCinema MiniHD lacks this module.

SMP86xx led_rst (252:0): driver not loaded.

I'm missing wd_led_rst.ko in the firmware of the MiniHD. But there is lmp555_gpio.ko that registers /dev/led_rst


The WDTV Live comes without SATA support. So it lacks the driver software. We got at least hope, internal SATA and the MiniHD without connect :-)

G751 thermal sensor support

We got i2c_hal.ko and depending on it thermal_g751.ko drivers, but sadly there is no G751 thermal sensor IC found. May be in a other revision of the board when overheating will become a problem.

rt2860 Ralink chipset

There is a kernel module rt2860sta.ko included for wireless usb-devices form Ralink. But I only found devices, that will connect to a PCI/MiniPCI or Cardbus interface. But if there is a USB-device equipped with the rt2860 out there, the LaCinema MiniHD might work with it.

Last update was on Thursday, 05-Aug-2010 by Sven Dickert