stripping the LaCinema Mini HD Connect

On this page I'll go into the inwards of the LaCinema Mini HD Connect.

the package

Frontside of the package. Isn't she a black beauty? Thank you Neil Poulton. LaCie tells us you may watch DivX (the pirates movie format), get Dolby Digital sound, you may network this box, all at Full HD (1080p)/HMDI and with USB 2.0

Backside of the package. "Easily Access All of Your Files." This time even the mkv/mp4 ones. Someone got all the technical specs confused and made marketing specs out of it.

Side of the package. Now we get real. A list of audio, video and picture formats this box can handle. 300MB diskspace - for movies? You are kidding me.

open the casing

Open the casing with a old plasic card you don't have use anymore. The whole casing is a plastic box without a base. There is a small slit between the casing and the body of the device. At the frontside, near the blue led, the case snaps in.

Press the card into the slit with a little force.

The casing will click a little and will uncover the innards. Here you see the backpanel without casing.

the pcb uncovered

There is the mark DMA REV-A1 on top of the circuit board. On the right sider there is JP1. Top left there is the front-side usb port. Top right there is the reset-button and the ir-receiver. Down from left to right the ports: back-side usb, 10/100-ethernet, optical audio, analog video, hmdi, power 12V/2A.

JP1 the serial/uart console port

On the top right contour, there are five soldering points below the mark JP1. Someone definitely did solder here. They are from top to the bottom: RX, GND, UNKNOWN - may be 3,3V, GND, TX (the quadratic one)

the pcb below

At the left side you can see the backside of JP1. On top the is the mark 8LACIEDMA2A1G HM6H 94V-0 0952 FR-4 E154316. Top in the middle marked D8 there the noticeable blue led. Down, in the middle there are 256MB ram in the two Nanya NT5TU64M16DG DDR2 SDRAM. I don't know what the Samsung 943 K9F1608U0B is for. I speculate that is the place of the nflash. Than the unnamed solding pins at the right would be some sort of JTAG. The SoC SMP8655A-CBE3 is shown in the middle and completely garbled - thank you LaCie. The small IC, down on the right is named IP101A LF. That's a single port 10/100 fast ethernet transceiver.

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