the phone

The snom100 is one of the first in a family of IP-telephones from snom technology AG. Sound in and out is done with a TP3070 PCM CODEC/Filter. The CPU MPC855T is running at 50Mhz of speed. There is some sort of rs232 connector on the board. That may be used for serial console.

the operating software

The snom100 is running a modified linux 2.4 kernel. For keyboard, display and sound drivers are done by snom technology. You may take a look into the output of dmesg on this box.

the bootimage

As this thing runs Linux, I was searching for the ramdisk.image that is included in the flash ram. Bad luck that I haven't had access to the flashram chip itself. But snom technology released an flash update on their webserver so I could sniff directly in this file and voila found a regular ramdisk.image at the end. This is normal ext2, so you can loopback mount this thing on a normal Linux system. I liked the idea to login to this phone. When looking at the ramdisk I found lots of places for space improvement. You may have a look at the orginal ls-lRa of the ramdisk.image. Telephon work is done with the two processes lid and LCServer.These are staticaly linked binaries, so they work with other library versions, too.

In other projects I was working with busybox for small linux environments. I compiled this thing with my powerpc computer and got the ideal basis for a new ramdisk. Take a look at what fits on this new ramdisk.


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