I'm full-time-working at a statutory corporation in community health in Weimar, Germany. Most of my work there is around the technical implementation of medical programs at the public health care in Thuringia and cooperations nationwide

People meet me, when they have troubles with linux, ssh, rpm, virtual Hardware like vmware or virtual pc, qmail, pgp, protocols, apache, the art of programming, wml.

Besides this, I'm collecting information about how diffrent companies, divisions and people working together to reach a common goal. Surprisedly Dilbert seems often right.


I work on an old, slow PowerPC computer and try to set up a linux kernel. There is an Athlon computer that helps me with that, but sometimes this one takes time, too.

Other thing is that I'm collecting operating systems. This started with the first Amiga computer. I was facinated how stable System 6 or TOS could be emulated. Later I had C64 and even VIC-20 emulators that realived my very first software. Today I sometimes run Amiga kickstarts or System 8.1 Macs on an Athlon. With VMware I even got the ever hated monsters from redmond. Besides this I run sometimes AIX on the mentioned PowerPC computer and one monster got it even on this plattform.

One of my newer interrest is mobile datacommunication. I got an affortable wap-service and do the content by myself: Reading News, chatting irc or doing even shell over wap with the mobile. At home it is docked on the pc and so I'm not longer online. I'm on air. In transit I can kill some time reading newspapers or IT-channels with the mobile. If wap weren't dead, I should have done some commercial project out of it.

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